6 Tips & Tricks to Getting Faster Submittal Approvals

Those familiar with the construction submittal process know that it can be a slow, arduous process. Approvals can sometimes take weeks, even months depending on the content, quality, and accuracy of the submittal package. So how do you speed up such a critical aspect of every construction project? We have 6 tips & tricks to… Read More

The Future of Construction Compensation

2017 was full of industry headlines touting the worker shortage, cities citing building booms, technology advancements and innovations that only a few years ago would seem the stuff of sci-fi movies (think exoskeletons). But, looking past the news cycle, how did the average construction worker fare? Despite the worker shortage and innovative buildings and campus… Read More

Apple Park Sets a High Bar for Green Buildings

Apple Park, or the Spaceship, as Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, CA is commonly referred to, recently opened to much fanfare. Much has been written, good and bad, about Steve Job’s last passion project. Every detail of the flashy $5 billion project has been thought of, down to the custom-built door handles. So, it’s no… Read More

Architectural Achievements in 2017

2017 wasn’t just a busy year for construction, it saw new innovations and technologies adopted and employed at fever pitch. Because of that, we saw innovative and sustainable facilities unlike anything we’ve seen before. We saw new methods of construction such as 3D printing and modular construction streamline processes. And, we got a peak at… Read More

10 Steps to Building a Culture of Safety

Just by looking at a construction site you can tell it’s an inherently dangerous workplace. With loud machinery, scaffolding, heavy materials and equipment, it’s easy to picture how one small, wrong move could lead to disaster. Yet knowing the statistics and risks, and even with safety procedures in place, workers are often tempted to take… Read More

Construction Trends to Watch for in 2018

As the year comes to a close, companies are looking ahead to what’s next. These days, the answer to that question usually involves technology. With an eye on 2018, we investigate construction trends to watch for. Robotics Manufacturing has employed robotics for decades. Still, the construction industry has been slow to adopt this technology. But… Read More

A Time to Say Thanks

As we gear up for the Holidays, it’s time to take a moment to give thanks to each other and those who support us, as well as look back and reflect on 2017. While there is plenty to be thankful for, this year was a crazy mix of ups and downs, from exciting product releases… Read More

The Truth About Those Emojis

Recently, you may have seen some emojis looking for feedback on your SKYSITE experience. Not only were these little guys cute, they were also supremely helpful. But, as nice as it is to see a majority of positive reviews, we weren’t looking to pat ourselves on the back. What you may not know is we… Read More