A Time to Say Thanks

As we gear up for the Holidays, it’s time to take a moment to give thanks to each other and those who support us, as well as look back and reflect on 2017. While there is plenty to be thankful for, this year was a crazy mix of ups and downs, from exciting product releases to natural disasters that affected our team members and customers.

This summer brought unprecedented natural disasters, from floods to wildfires.  While we were thankful to hear all our team members in Florida report in safe and sound, several members of our SKYSITE family were impacted by the flooding in Houston. Thankfully, they are all safe, however, they were impacted to varying degrees, with many having been evacuated and had their homes flooded.

What’s amazing is how positive their spirit stayed through the devastation. Equally, impressive was how fellow employees rallied in support with “What can I do to help” being heard throughout the offices. In total, $23,000 was raised by team members for our family in Houston. Recovering from a catastrophe takes a community, and the SKYSITE family has generously responded with support — not just financially, but also with empathy and kindness.

In addition to our employees, we also had customers affected by the floods and donated our consultation services to get their facilities management teams up and running again.

While we celebrate our team members being safe, we are also thankful to our customers for their continued support, communication and advocacy. In fact, as you may have read in a previous post, it’s your honest feedback that helped provide the direction of our fall release as well as future releases. Hundreds of you took the time to let us know what functions you needed, what could be improved and what you liked about SKYSITE.

We also take time to reflect on our achievements of 2017. The year saw tremendous additions and upgrades to SKYSITE. Our team worked tirelessly to continuously release new features and functions.

The first big release of the year came in March when electronic Submittals was added to the Projects module for construction document management. With this new function came the ability to speed up the approval process, and eliminate the need for analog stamps, cumbersome cover and transmittal pages and the use of 3rd party software.

Our next big release came in the summer, with what we call the “Big Data Scalable Database Backend.” This upgrade, developed by our own team, allows unlimited uploads of documents, faster upload times and improved overall performance. In additional, this release also included enhanced security, full use of tools in app when offline, and new markup tools.

That leads us to our latest release this fall where your feedback led to some of our popular upgrades. We added the capability to view all those Microsoft files you’ve stored as well as image files like JPEG and PNG. And, we made markups easier to create and delete. Upgrades that help you navigate and find your files were also included in this release.

Lastly, we are thankful every day for our SKYSITE family. Our team works tirelessly connecting our global offices for seamless collaboration. We are proud of their achievements this year and we appreciate their continuous innovations and relentless drive towards excellence.

As we come together this holiday season, we celebrate so much to be thankful for and look forward to the New Year.