Search for Success through SKYSITE

During our interactions with contractors, a word repeatedly kept coming up in our conversations: Search! The “Search” function is the “Life Blood” of an information management solution. Most customers mentioned that the lack of powerful search has the potential to delay a project. Getting the answers you need quickly—on the move, in important meetings, whether… Read More

Efficient Collaboration: Work Remotely and Sync Locally with SKYSITE

Working from the “SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH” is the success mantra for AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) organizations, guaranteeing that not only are projects delivered on time, but that they also avoid costly and time-consuming legal litigation. Mobile technology has redefined the way we consume and share information. The AEC industry has started adopting mobile… Read More

SKYSITE Guarantee: You are always working on the latest set of documents!

Our last post highlighted the need for industry-specific technology solutions. 75% of AEC professionals agree that up to 1/3 of all project cost overruns are due to project document difficulties. This is the single biggest challenge AEC professionals face in project management today. We work in a global environment: a San Francisco owner with a… Read More

SKYSITE Product Update 4.13.15

Thanks for using SKYSITE! To make sure you’re having the best experience possible we’re continually making improvements, so that you can focus on your projects, not software: SKYSITE Android app Version 1.0.1 is now available on Google Play You can test drive SKYSITE, construction and facilities management software, with a FREE trial SKYSITE daily report… Read More

The Need for Industry Cloud Solutions in the AEC Industry

Rising from the debris of one of the worst economic downturns, the construction industry has seen a gradual uptick in business since 2012. Coming out of this prolonged economic crisis, AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) players started exploring ways to develop a more efficient and productive system—to not only deliver projects on schedule, but also… Read More