SKYSITE Available On World’s Most Popular Mobile Operating Systems

WALNUT CREEK, CA – March 20, 2017 – SKYSITE Technologies, Inc., an industry-leading software developer for construction and facilities document management, today announced a new upgrade that makes SKYSITE Projects compatible with the Android smartphone. SKYSITE Projects is now available on 99 percent of the world’s mobile operating systems, including Apple’s iOS for the iPhone and iPad, Android tablets (introduced last year), as well as mobile phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and other Android smartphone makers. The SKYSITE Projects app enables jobsite and office teams to manage, markup and share construction documents from mobile and desktop devices, ensuring everyone is working from the latest set.

“With near-universal mobile compatibility, virtually all our customers can manage advanced document workflows in the field – including submittals – no matter where they are or what device they’re using,” said Suri Suriyakumar, CEO of SKYSITE Technologies. “Creating efficient construction workflows starts with access to information, so we increased the compatibility of the most versatile app in the construction communication space by bringing it to Android phone users.”

Comprehensive access and flexible data handling make SKYSITE Projects a perfect stand-alone SaaS application for the construction professional. It also can be combined with other industry-specific services to create workflows that bring the office to the field, facilitate rapid close-outs, and address projects of every type and size.

For more information, visit today, or request a demo at 844-SKYSITE or via email at SKYSITE Projects is available on a free trial basis. Download it today from Google Play or the App store from Apple.

Please note: An earlier version of this press release suggested a wide variety of file types could be viewed on the SKYSITE Projects application. While virtually any file format can be uploaded, stored, and downloaded from SKYSITE Projects, in-app viewing is currently limited to PDF, TIF, CAL and JPG.

About SKYSITE Technologies, Inc.

SKYSITE Technologies develops information management software, mobile applications, and data management solutions for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and real estate owner/operators (AEC&O). SKYSITE applications eliminate the human errors and inefficiencies associated with paper-based document and information management in a construction or building operations setting. The company’s applications help reduce information management costs and increase efficiency, improve information access and control, and make collaboration faster, easier and better. Connect and engage with SKYSITE on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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