SKYSITE Makes Construction Submittals Quick And Easy

WALNUT CREEK, CA March 28, 2017 – SKYSITE Technologies, Inc., an industry-leading software developer for construction and facilities document management, today announced powerful and innovative new submittal tools for SKYSITE® Projects, the company’s signature construction app. The construction submittals process is a common, but complicated approval workflow that often causes construction project delays. New tools inside SKYSITE Projects dramatically simplify the submittal process, mitigate common problems, and lead to faster approvals and reduced project risk.

“Digital distribution of submittals with SKYSITE is a big process improvement all by itself,” said Brad Walsh, project executive for Orion Construction, a multi-service regional construction company located in Western Michigan. “Being able to review and approve submittals one-by-one really speeds up the project timeline. There aren’t 10 issues in a package stuck behind the one that needs extra review. With SKYSITE, if a submittal can be approved, it’s approved immediately.”

Walsh and the team at Orion also like the stamps and approval identities shown on SKYSITE’s consolidated submittal cover page. “No one has to search through a pile of paper to find out who approved what. It’s all there in one place.”

How Construction Submittals Work

A construction drawing illustrates how a structure is to be built, but before construction can begin, an architect or engineer usually must verify that the correct products and quantities will be installed. In most cases, a shop drawing, a material data sheet, product samples, or product data is submitted for review. Once approved, the submittal document is returned to the party who submitted it, and the project can proceed.

“Construction professionals want to move faster, but increasing complexity in the commercial building space often creates more complexity in the approval process — even when the process is digital,” said Rahul Roy, CTO of SKYSITE Technologies. “We stripped complexity out of the process, automated the most tedious parts of it, and made some features as simple as ‘drag-and-drop.’ I don’t know of any other system in the construction market today that makes submittals easier.”

SKYSITE Submittals

SKYSITE Project’s new submittal workflow is built on the application’s fast and powerful distribution engine, and allows users to submit and approve individual items quickly and easily. Responses can be sent as soon as they are ready for transmission, and the construction project can keep moving. In addition to providing workflow improvements, consolidated stamps on transmittal pages cut down on page counts for easier management and viewing. If items need more description or tracking data, SKYSITE provides custom field attributes.

SKYSITE’s new submittals workflow organizes information so projects can move forward faster, improves understanding between sender and receiver, and helps prevent construction delays.

“Most of us would be amazed at how many people have to review, compare, and approve the details of a plumbing valve before it can be installed in a commercial construction project,” said Suri Suriyakumar, CEO of SKYSITE Technologies. “Just imagine what the review and approval process is for infrastructure components for a skyscraper. The submittal process — and the problems associated with it — scale quickly. That’s why we moved so fast to bring these enhancements to SKYSITE; our customers were dying for them.”

Comprehensive content access and flexible data handling make SKYSITE Projects a perfect stand-alone SaaS application for the construction professional. It also can be combined with other industry-specific services to create integrated workflows that bring the office to the field, facilitate rapid close-outs, and address projects of every type and size.

For more information, visit today, or request a demo at 844-SKYSITE (759-7483) or via email at SKYSITE Projects is available on a free trial basis and can be downloaded from Google Play, as well as the App store from Apple. Please note: An earlier press release distributed this month described a wide variety of file types that could be viewed on the SKYSITE Projects application. While virtually any file format can be uploaded, stored, and downloaded from SKYSITE Projects, in-app viewing is currently limited to PDF, TIF, CAL, JPG, PNG and BMP.

SKYSITE Technologies, Inc.

SKYSITE Technologies develops information management software, mobile applications, and data management solutions for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and real estate owner/operators (AEC&O). Its applications eliminate the human errors and inefficiencies associated with paper-based document and information management in a construction or building operations setting. The company’s applications help reduce information management costs and increase efficiency, improve information access and control, and make collaboration faster, easier and better. Connect and engage with SKYSITE on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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