Are you prepared for Gen Z?

Due to the ongoing labor shortage, companies are launching initiatives with the hope of attracting workers from previously unconventional talent pools. One group that the industry is hoping to attract is younger construction workers by including programs that teach high schoolers about the industry and trades. But, as these young workers start to enter the… Read More

2019 Midyear Construction Trends Check-in

We made it to July. Before the year began and then flew by, we listed our four favorite trends for 2019: repurposing old buildings and giving them new life, the growth of women in construction, the growing adoption of lean construction and the attainability of sustainable materials. As we hit the halfway mark to the… Read More

How to Recognize and Banish Productivity Roadblocks

In construction, productivity is the key to finishing the project on time and within budget. Yet, too often it’s equated with getting as much done in a day as is humanly possible, and far too many of us fall into that trap of cramming things into our day. Compare that analogy with the dictionary definition;… Read More

The Everyday Hidden Benefits of SKYSITE

Recently, SKYSITE exhibited at the 100th Annual AGC Convention and I was lucky to be part of the team attending the event. As I was talking with a current SKYSITE user, I made a point to share some of my favorite tips. I mentioned one of the features I use almost daily, sending large files,… Read More

How to Transform Your Business with an Innovation Culture

These days, the challenges and business threats contractors face seem to be growing and eating deeper into profit margins. Competition, material costs, economic conditions and more are significantly impacting businesses. Dealing with this barrage daily is exhausting and leaves owners feeling like they’ll never have time to find a solution. Yet, to be successful, contractors… Read More

The next AEC trend? Wellness building

Imagine a building that works to keep you healthy. As sustainable materials in building have gained in popularity and affordability, a new trend from that vein has emerged; wellness building. Where sustainable materials focus on the structure, wellness buildings focus on the occupant. While the two go hand-in-hand, they offer different benefits. What is driving… Read More

Do you know what to look for in construction software?

We’ve all heard that construction is one of the last industries to embrace technology (only followed by agriculture and hunting). But now that technology is more widely embraced, there is a construction tech boom and firms are scrambling to get started. Yet, despite the benefits of using software, 47% of construction managers still use manual… Read More

7 New Year’s Resolutions It’s Not Too Late to Make

How are you doing on your 2019 New Year’s resolutions? By now, most of us have an idea of whether we are sticking to, adjusting or abandoning our personal resolutions. But, did you make professional resolutions? Whether you’re on track or have already given up your personal resolutions, we have 7 ideas for industry related… Read More