Build Better: Five Tips to Save Time

“Building Better” can mean different things to different people; from meeting deadlines and beating the budget, to providing an easy handover. But getting to that point is no easy task. In an earlier post  we discussed how rework can drive up costs, as much as 20%, and throw your schedule off track. Time management is… Read More

Going Green with Construction Project Management Software

There are many reasons to incorporate a digital document management system like SKYSITE Projects into your workflow. The big ones, of course, are cost, mobility, convenience, organization, and speed. But during the past several years, considerations around environmental sustainability have come to play a more important role in the ROI of your system. Consider the… Read More

Four Ways to Keep Communication Flowing with SKYSITE

Project delays seem like a necessary evil in construction. Despite significant financial penalties associated with missing milestones, phase completion dates, or whole project deadlines, it happens more frequently than anyone likes. The most common reason for construction delays is miscommunication, primarily in the area of setting expectations. Even when expectations have been aligned, if a… Read More

Finding Relevant Information Just Got Easy with SKYSITE Auto Hyperlinking for Facilities Managers

Facilities managers and building superintendents often have to find information under pressure. Broken water pipes, frozen valves, power outages, and emergency situations all demand a quick response — but without knowing which documents to look for and where can slow that response down to a crawl. Change all that with SKYSITE Facilities auto-hyperlinking features, and… Read More

Five Ways to Manage Stress On the Jobsite

Even the best construction job sites aren’t what most people consider placid, calm, or relaxing. In fact, construction job sites are some of the most stressful places in the world. If you’re a construction site supervisor, or even managing just part of a job site, some of the stats from Harvard University’s studies on workplace… Read More

Why is everyone switching to Construction Document Management Software?

Think constructing a building is a straight-forward task? Think again. Ask any construction professional. A lot goes into turning a design into reality. With all stakeholders, from owners, to subcontractors, to city planners, inspectors and others, keeping track of it all is a mammoth task. Project managers spend their days assigning tasks, monitoring workers, adjusting… Read More

Transform The Way Teams Collaborate With Construction Project Management Software

In the construction industry, AEC professionals lose countless hours dealing with paper documents. Seemingly minor delays searching through paper often add up to more than 8 hours a week. That’s a full day lost, just to paper. Handling construction document management manually requires the sifting through email, digging through paper documents, and searching digital files.… Read More

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