The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Construction Team

Your team works hard throughout the year. They battle job site hazards as well as the elements. So, at this time of year, don’t they deserve something more than a gift card?

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your team, check out our top 8 ideas that are not only cool, but useful on the job site. And, maybe you’ll even find something for yourself.

Touch Screen gloves

Keep your hands warm with Touch Screen gloves

The classic winter dilemma: how to keep your hands warm and still use your mobile device? It may be chilly, but you still need to use your construction project management software and text your team, tasks you can’t accomplish with regular gloves. Save your coworker from frosted fingers with these touchscreen gloves.

Tough Wireless Speakers

Tough Wilreless Speakers

Does your team listen to the game or music? Make sure they have a speaker designed to stand up to the elements. Our choice is waterproof, shockproof, and snow-proof and it’s has a long life to make sure you don’t miss a play or song.

Vehicle Floorliners

heavy duty Vehicle floorliners

Let’s face it, the job site is all dirt and dust that can get everywhere. And, your team probably doesn’t want to be tracking that back home. Give them something to protect their car floors from the dirt and grim on the job. Try heavy duty floorliners to protect the front, back and even up the sides of a vehicle’s foot well and channel mud, water, dirt, etc. away from shoes.

Yeti Hopper Flip 8

Yeti Hopper Flip 8 cooler

After using Yeti coolers at a tailgate, we decided this softcooler is perfect for bringing food to work. This tough, yet lightweight, cooler will keep food and drinks cold while out in the field.

Mobile Device Chargers

Mobile Device Chargers

Your team is on the go and using their mobile devices more than ever. Make sure you can keep in contact with them by keeping their mobile charged and ready. We have 3 options to fit everyone on your team.

  •  For those driving from site to site: we recommend a Dual USB Car Charger that can charge both their phone and tablet at the same time.
  • For those in the field: we recommend a phone case with built in battery to provide extra life.
  • For those who find themselves in the trailer or office for a few minutes: we recommend a wireless phone charger that you can set on a desk or table for quick charging.

Heavy-Duty Smartphone Case

Heavy-Duty Smartphone Case

 We’re not saying your team is clumsy but protecting devices on the job site is just smart. If you’re relying on your team communicating and reviewing the latest set on a construction document management software you need to make sure nothing happens to that phone. Protect your team’s phones with these heavy duty cases.

Mini Drone

Mini drone can track moving objects and take photos & videos

This gift probably has the biggest cool factor. Who wouldn’t want their own mini drone? This smart little guy lifts directly from your hand and can track moving objects as well as take videos and selfies with hand gestures.

The Ultimate Tool Kit

The Ultimate Tool Kit

For the consummate fixer in your group, the two wonder tools they need to fix anything are nicely packaged together ready to take on any project.

Happy Shopping!

All items listed are the opinion of SKYSITE staff and meant for entertainment.