Getting Creative to Get Around the Labor Shortage

According to a recent survey by NAHB the top challenges in 2018 for homebuilders are labor and materials costs. While 2017 was a hot market for homebuilders, and the trend looks to continue into 2018, the industry will still face these and other significant obstacles that affect the bottom line. While Mother Nature and tariffs… Read More

Top 5 Stress Management Tips for Superintendents

Running the day-to-day operations on a construction site is crucial to keeping the project on track, yet with so many moving pieces it can result in a lot of stress. Managing a project includes long hours and involves keeping tabs of multiple subcontractors, resources, schedules, deadlines, quality control and the list goes on. All of… Read More

State of US Universities Maintenance Backlogs

It doesn’t seem like much; an occasional drip, some peeling paint or a crack in a walkway. But, for US colleges and universities, these unattended maintenance issues add up and can impact an institution as a potential liability, by creating more damage and repair issues, and negatively impacting student recruitment and retention. No longer the… Read More

7 Must Read Books for Construction Managers

Staying current at any job is important to remaining confident and alleviating pressure, yet it’s easier said than done. And, for construction managers there’s the question of where to start? Do you brush up on the basics, work on management skills or explore implementing industry trends? No matter where you begin, we have 7 recommendations… Read More

6 Tips & Tricks to Getting Faster Submittal Approvals

Those familiar with the construction submittal process know that it can be a slow, arduous process. Approvals can sometimes take weeks, even months depending on the content, quality, and accuracy of the submittal package. So how do you speed up such a critical aspect of every construction project? We have 6 tips & tricks to… Read More

The Future of Construction Compensation

2017 was full of industry headlines touting the worker shortage, cities citing building booms, technology advancements and innovations that only a few years ago would seem the stuff of sci-fi movies (think exoskeletons). But, looking past the news cycle, how did the average construction worker fare? Despite the worker shortage and innovative buildings and campus… Read More

Apple Park Sets a High Bar for Green Buildings

Apple Park, or the Spaceship, as Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, CA is commonly referred to, recently opened to much fanfare. Much has been written, good and bad, about Steve Job’s last passion project. Every detail of the flashy $5 billion project has been thought of, down to the custom-built door handles. So, it’s no… Read More

Architectural Achievements in 2017

2017 wasn’t just a busy year for construction, it saw new innovations and technologies adopted and employed at fever pitch. Because of that, we saw innovative and sustainable facilities unlike anything we’ve seen before. We saw new methods of construction such as 3D printing and modular construction streamline processes. And, we got a peak at… Read More