SKYSITE Gets ISO 27001 Certification

These days, you don’t have to search far to find the latest news story of a corporate data breach. It’s a nightmare scenario, yet people still go about their day with an “it can’t happen to me attitude.” More and more companies are moving to cloud-based platforms, which provide convenience and easy collaboration, but moving… Read More

Six Tips to Keep Your Data Safe When Working Remotely

Today’s technology has given companies and employees the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere. Tech has given us the ability to work remotely, keep up to date with the office while traveling and to facilitate a great work/life balance. But it comes at a cost. Security and safety of files and servers is a daily… Read More

Four Material Trends We Like In 2018

Today’s global construction industry is greatly influenced by sustainable building techniques as well as developing safer buildings. More and more, builders are adopting these new materials and techniques for construction. And now, with increasing materials costs the time has never been better for all the new, innovative building materials being developed that focus on using… Read More

2018 AGC Annual Convention Round Up

Recently our team arrived back home from exhibiting at The 99th Annual AGC Convention, held February 25-28 in New Orleans. The show was a success and it was a great opportunity to meet and network with people in the industry; attendees ran the gamut from GCs to students. Each SKYSITE rep had interesting conversations, for… Read More

Getting Creative to Get Around the Labor Shortage

According to a recent survey by NAHB the top challenges in 2018 for homebuilders are labor and materials costs. While 2017 was a hot market for homebuilders, and the trend looks to continue into 2018, the industry will still face these and other significant obstacles that affect the bottom line. While Mother Nature and tariffs… Read More

Top 5 Stress Management Tips for Superintendents

Running the day-to-day operations on a construction site is crucial to keeping the project on track, yet with so many moving pieces it can result in a lot of stress. Managing a project includes long hours and involves keeping tabs of multiple subcontractors, resources, schedules, deadlines, quality control and the list goes on. All of… Read More

State of US Universities Maintenance Backlogs

It doesn’t seem like much; an occasional drip, some peeling paint or a crack in a walkway. But, for US colleges and universities, these unattended maintenance issues add up and can impact an institution as a potential liability, by creating more damage and repair issues, and negatively impacting student recruitment and retention. No longer the… Read More

7 Must Read Books for Construction Managers

Staying current at any job is important to remaining confident and alleviating pressure, yet it’s easier said than done. And, for construction managers there’s the question of where to start? Do you brush up on the basics, work on management skills or explore implementing industry trends? No matter where you begin, we have 7 recommendations… Read More