Integrated Solution
An integrated solution to manage project organization, manage responsibility of stakeholders, manage project cost and mark/annotate documents when needed.
Synced Coordination and Collaboration
SKYSITE lets you coordinate and synchronize your project documents that are accessed by multiple users across multiple devices. Collaborate between users and gain access to the same account via various devices.
SKYSITE lets you manage complexity with ease as you can keep multiple versions of same documents at separate locations and you can access the latest revisions as per your will.
Faster and Accurate Delivery
SKYSITE ensures faster and timely delivery of documents to the intended recipients across multiple accounts and disparate devices.
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Improve Delivery

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Quick and Offline Access to Documents
Access your documents anytime, on any device. No internet connection? No worries. Your documents are available even offline and sync any changes you've made across your desktop and mobile once connected to Wi-Fi.
View, Link, Annotate and Share Document
View and automatically or manually link various documents, create and save markups and annotations on the documents and share the document with any users (external or SKYSITE users).
Manage Site Images
Upload images using your device's camera or photo gallery. You can even annotate images on construction plans and specs.
Maintain Document Versioning
Upload, maintain and easily find multiple versions of the same document under the same folder.
Order Prints
Gets electronic copy printed and delivered onsite.
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Improve Collaboration

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Organize Pandemonium
Make sure instructions are communicated and followed, user activities are tracked with real time information capture, prompt updates and an all-inclusive document management tool. From drawing markup and annotations on documents, to distributing change orders - end-to-end tools allow you to rapidly create users, schedule, document and distribute meeting notes, process submittals, assign and track tasks and create RFIs all while keeping your budget under control.
Risk Management
Manage loss of information by keeping files safe and secure in cloud thereby allowing you to quickly identify projects at risk and then respond accordingly using a suite of tools designed to keep your teams and projects running effortlessly.
360-degree Project View
Get project current status by viewing portfolio-level project details. Clearly view every project's open activities and recognize items that need your instant consideration.
Manage Project Information Using Punchlist, RFI & Submittal
Create, assign, save and update construction industry specific information elements like punches, RFIs and Submittals at project level as well as in document level with robust and scalable architecture.
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Improve Productivity

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Cost Reduction
Reduces cost of physical storage space and print related expenses. Digital document distribution saves you time and money.
Elimination of Human Error
Too much paper causes clutter, and clutter increases the occurrence of lost or misplaced files, invoices and other pertinent documents which is avoidable when SKYSITE is used.
Maintenance of Regulatory Compliance
Offers seamless conversion of paper documents into electronic files to control information access and increase confidentiality. Security features, disaster recovery and enhanced auditing ensure regulatory compliance.
Increase of Security Through Audit Trail
Date, time and username for each activity that takes place within a record are displayed. Ensures that the proper business practices are followed and that content is properly captured, stored, managed, and disposed of at the appropriate and legal time in its lifecycle.
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Improve Transparency

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Project Coordination
Project coordination has never been easier. Get instant access to your documents without shuffling through stacks of paper. Share the latest set with a click of the button or tap of your screen. Detailed records of viewing activity and changes are automatically created, helping you keep your project on track.
Overall Supervision and Control
Project dashboard gives superior vision to owners to track the progress of project. Get a 360-degree view of all the files and images under all the projects. Proper interconnectivity between all modules and functions and cross-platform activity lets you supervise and control project activities.
Mobile Access
Real-time synchronization between desktops and mobile devices lets you access your project details and work with those documents anytime and from the construction site or from the comfort of your home.
Easy Access to Latest Documents
Effortlessly access the latest versions of plans and specs from the a single folder across multiple devices with revision history to record changes.
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Mobile Access
Real-time synchronization between desktops and mobile devices lets you access your critical files and work with those documents anytime.
View, Link, Annotate and Share Documents
View and automatically or manually link various documents, create and save annotations and share documents with your team or external users.
Scalability and Document Controls
Store as many documents as you need, with unlimited scalability. User permissions and document management controls to manage document access and sharing.
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Improve Accountability

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Building Intelligence®

Transform your construction and facilities documents into intelligence you can use to improve collaboration, reduce project errors, and make smarter decisions throughout a building's lifecycle.

APIs for Integrated Solutions

Maximize your productivity by integrating SKYSITE into your workflow. Use our easy-to-follow API guides and documentations to get started.

Go Green!

Go paperless by eliminating printed paper from your document workflow. Reduce pollution and save time with electronic distribution.

Increase ROI

Increase your ROI by reducing costs and time. Use SKYSITE to electronically generate punch lists, RFIs, share site photos and more.

Building Intelligence®


SKYSITE Projects lets you manage, mark up, and share your construction documents across mobile and desktop.

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Powerful search, custom attributes and retention policies reduce your risk and keep you compliant.

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