Elevate Meetings to Save Time and be More Productive

There are 25 million meetings per day in the U.S. They’re a necessary part of doing business. But let’s face it, they aren’t the most popular part of the workday. In fact, executives consider more than 67% of meetings to be failures. Much of this lack of success is due to poorly planned agendas, distractions… Read More

Construction Trends for 2019

As we wind down 2018, it’s fun to take a moment to catch our breath and look at what 2019 holds for us. Last year’s list of trends, focused on exciting advances in construction technology; robotics, drones, ioT, etc. While tech is still trending up, this year’s spotlight is on trends driven by people and… Read More

How can “happy” help with the labor shortage?

It doesn’t seem like the pace of news stories about the labor shortage in the construction industry will be slowing down anytime soon. As the volume has ramped up, we’ve written about the labor shortage from the perspective of positive trends that have come out of it, as well as how to attract talented workers.… Read More

Implementing what you advocate – SKYSITE’s new office space

A lot has been written in facilities publications lately about the importance of workspaces, how they are evolving and current trends. Peruse any FM website or magazine and you’re likely to read about how an improved workplace experience can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. One evolving trend is the “open office” concept. These spaces, popular… Read More

4 Positive Take Aways From the Labor Shortage

This Labor Day, as we pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of all workers, it’s hard not to reflect on all that has recently been written lately about the current labor shortage in construction. According to the USG Corp. and Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, 91% of large and small contractors experienced trouble… Read More

5 Simple Ways Facility Management Apps Make Your Job Easier

These days, facilities managers are constantly balancing doing more with fewer resources. However, with the growing acceptance of using mobile devices and apps to manage facility maintenance, the ability to meet higher expectations for productivity with shrinking staff and budgets can now be met. In the last few years, using mobile devices for day-to-day activities… Read More

WEBCAST: Getting Started with Email Management for Project and Teams

Did you miss our webcast, “Getting Started with Email Management for Project and Teams”? On August 1st, the SKYSITE team provided insights into one of our recent additions: Email Management. This new feature addresses the countless times you’ve found yourself spending time searching for an email with important project details. Perhaps something regarding the budget… Read More

SKYSITE’s New Features are Based on Your Feedback

Recently, you may have seen our feedback request when you logged in to SKYSITE. We take your feedback seriously. In fact, some of our most popular features came from the feedback that you provide. In fact, our latest release, launched June 16th, is comprised of three features that were requested from many of you. Email… Read More

5 Features Generic Document Archiving
Software Doesn’t Offer

In today’s sustainability focused world, many organizations are trying to go paperless. There are plenty of options for document management systems (DMS) that not only cut waste but also help streamline business processes. As progressive businesses embrace technology, spending time and money on paper documents is increasingly looked down upon. Not only is there the… Read More