3 Ways to Get the SKYSITE App

One of the great benefits of SKYSITE is that it’s a mobile solution. You can download the app for free and use it on most devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows desktop. This means that you and your team can distribute, mark up, manage, and store projects on the go and from… Read More

SKYSITE Product Update 2.23.15

Here’s the latest SKYSITE product update: Folder and multiple file download workflow improvements: file Downloads from SKYSITE are now compressed and downloaded into a ZIP file. This has improved speeds dramatically for large file downloads. A status bar at the bottom of the page will provide the progress of the compression. Users will also have… Read More

108 Architects, Engineers, and Contractors Talk Cloud (Infographic)

In a recent case study, ARC spoke to 108 architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) management professionals to find out the importance of using an industry specific cloud. Turns out that need is greater than we could have imagined, with the vast majority of those in AEC stating that technology built specifically for the industry could… Read More

SKYSITE Product Update

A quick product update for SKYSITE users: There are now additional options for project sharing. This workflow change provides three different Project Share Permissions and enables support for outsourced publishing of documents: View Only View + Edit & Publish – Own Documents View + Edit & Publish – All Documents The uploading page now provides… Read More

ARC’s March 6 Investor Day

ARC will be showcasing SKYSITE at Investor Day on March 6. Planned events include demonstrations of SKYSITE™, its recently released cloud-based, enterprise document management sytem for the construction industry, as well as demonstrations of how its technology, innovation, and scale in the marketplace create significant competitive advantages. Attendees can also expect a customer discussion panel, management… Read More