Search for Success through SKYSITE

During our interactions with contractors, a word repeatedly kept coming up in our conversations: Search!

The “Search” function is the “Life Blood” of an information management solution. Most customers mentioned that the lack of powerful search has the potential to delay a project.

Getting the answers you need quickly—on the move, in important meetings, whether in office or on job-site, without having to chase down team members—is an absolute necessity during a construction project. Sorting through thousands of documents to “search” for precise project information delays the project by slowing down the response time of project members. These challenges make the ability to search and access documents quickly and accurately a must-have.

Using these key customer insights, ARC Document Solutions kept “Search” at the center of our solution’s design while developing SKYSITE.

With many years of deep domain experience managing construction documents and information, ARC knows that project members not only need to work from the latest set, but should also be able to access and retrieve documents without wasting time and effort.

Search and Discover

You can rely on SKYSITE’s powerful search to find the information you need quickly and accurately:

  • Search results in seconds: SKYSITE’s advanced technology can generate search results fast, even if the search is through thousands of documents and project mails
  • Filter by attribute: Fine-tune searches by using standard and custom attributes like revision number, review status, and more
  • Content search made easy by leveraging OCR engine. SKYSITE’s Google-like search not only searches folder names, file names, file attributes, but also text within the files
  • Easy content indexing options: lets users generate accurate and relevant document retrieval

This combination of robust search capabilities coupled with a user-friendly one-click sharing is designed to give you the one thing you need to enhance productivity and efficiency: the ability to quickly find your project documents.

Get Google-like search for all your drawings. Start your free trial today: