Efficient Collaboration: Work Remotely and Sync Locally with SKYSITE

Working from the “SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH” is the success mantra for AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) organizations, guaranteeing that not only are projects delivered on time, but that they also avoid costly and time-consuming legal litigation.

Mobile technology has redefined the way we consume and share information. The AEC industry has started adopting mobile and cloud technology for efficient project collaboration, information distribution, and document management in a big way. Nearly 4 out of 10 (39.8%) AEC professionals say that accessing documents and information is one of the most important factors in increasing their productivity and reducing costs.

Previously we mentioned that SKYSITE provides accessibility to the latest set of document through three major devices: cloud, mobile, and desktop. Today, we are going to focus on the mobile and cloud (Sync) features in SKYSITE, and how they empower users to work from the latest set of documents by maintaining the “Single Source of Truth.”

Mobile Advantage: Access Documents Anywhere, Anytime from Any Device­­­

The SKYSITE construction app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, giving project members access to important project information at their fingertips – wherever and whenever they need it.

This facilitates better communication, collaboration, and coordination on jobsites, as well as with supplier locations, architects, owner-developer relationships, and different general contractors’ offices.

The SKYSITE mobile app allows AEC professionals to:

  • Mark up documents on your tablet or mobile device, even in offline mode
  • The option to select documents to download or sync when working offline
  • Change information from cloud and syncs plans, markups, specifications, and other project documents using a tablet

Sync locally: Work Remotely

Several jobsites are located in remote locations that lack connectivity. SKYSITE offers a unique feature for its mobile app that integrates latest syncing document vs. the entire project document folder and files. This provides space saving options for mobile devices, and allows users to work offline. SKYSITE users can mark-up and review any document in offline mode and the moment the device detects and connects to the available network, these changes are automatically synced to the latest version of documents.

Once synced, team members have access to changes to the project documents through the ‘Latest Document’ folder in my cloud and mobile apps. This eliminates the risk of errors, which plays a vital role in minimizing cost overrun and legal litigation. SKYSITE project users can access documents and information from anywhere, any time, and by any device, guaranteeing users that they are always working on the latest set of document – the “single source of truth.”

SKYSITE enables real-time collaboration.

Go mobile with your drawings for free today at https://www.skysite.com.

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