Reduce Project Risk with SKYSITE

Claims and litigation are an inevitable part of business in every industry – the construction industry is no different. The construction industry too has its fair share of disputes.

As a risk management measure, Project Manager and Project Teams should anticipate factors that can lead to potential litigations at the very beginning of a project. Project managers can take steps to reduce these risks, or at least limit the delays, disruptions and financial overruns caused in construction projects.

There are several factors that cause delay in a construction project. Notable among them are – not working from the latest set of document and not effectively communicating changes. These failures lead to disputes with regards to scope of work definitions, costly overruns, and worse, lengthy and expensive litigation!

Delays in construction projects can lead to a cascade of negative financial repercussions for both owners and their contractors. Damages often even double the cost of the entire project!

While it is impossible to completely avoid litigation on construction projects, steps can be taken to minimize the potential for litigation from the document and information point of view.

A highly effective way to mitigate information risk is to ensure that project members are using high quality technology solutions made specifically for the construction industry. Companies using generic document management solutions seem to be least happy with their systems. Nearly one in three (30.1%) AEC professionals said that current cloud technology tools that are not designed for the AEC market made completing a project on schedule a challenge.

Managing construction project documents is innately complex. Projects are becoming multi-geo; Owner, Developers, Architects, GCs, Sub-Contractors and Vendors are spread out, and often work from different locations. To manage and track changes during a project is a herculean challenge. ARC Document Solutions with decades of domain knowledge recognized and addressed these challenges with their solution.

SKYSITE, construction management software, was designed with features that provide “Control” to the Project Managers.

  • Strong tracking & reporting capabilities: SKYSITE tracks and generate reports for each document shared, downloaded, deleted, distributed and marked up by any project participant. Create accountability at every level.
  • Customize document tracking: a report can be generated on daily, weekly and monthly basis. A project manager can further customize for a specific period.
  • Share a report: a report created can be shared with other project stakeholders.
  • Strong Privacy Setting: SKYSITE offers Second layer of Project Password Protection options for confidential Projects. This restricts access to those folders/documents/ information that are confidential in nature.

SKYSITE’s strong tracking and reporting capabilities makes information auditing easy and reduces the risk of litigation. Whereby reducing business risk.

SKYSITE not only provides an overview of information flow but also identifies slackers and creates accountability at every level and increases efficiency.

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