SKYSITE Guarantee: You are always working on the latest set of documents!

Our last post highlighted the need for industry-specific technology solutions. 75% of AEC professionals agree that up to 1/3 of all project cost overruns are due to project document difficulties. This is the single biggest challenge AEC professionals face in project management today.

We work in a global environment: a San Francisco owner with a construction project in Tokyo could be working with a London architect firm and have its project material delivery from Jaipur. Project members are now required to work, share, distribute and collaborate in real-time and in a multi-locational and multi-geographic environment.

Hard copies of drawings, email, or FTP sharing and distribution are unable to cope up with real-time collaboration demands. Generic and consumer grade tools don’t make the cut because they don’t address industry specific workflows.

Documents are the principal mode of communication for the AEC industry, yet our research found that 33% of AEC professionals find it challenging to access the latest set of documents. Effective project management begins with efficient collaboration and information management, and it is imperative for a successful project that all it members are always working from the most current set of documents.

That’s why we created SKYSITE, a document and information collaboration and management for AEC industry.

SKYSITE is an integrated cloud-based construction document management solution with mobile and desktop sync applications. SKYSITE is the only solution designed to specifically address the workflow of the AEC industry.

SKYSITE consists of three major components: desktop/web, tablet and sync applications. SkySite enables project members to:

  • Capture, connect, and share critical design and construction documents, 24×7
  • Easily and securely access, manage, share, collaborate & manage information from anywhere by any device.
  • Powerful sync application allows a user to work locally. It also enables users to keep files locally for offline use, and upload for later publishing on the cloud. While connected, it is perpetually synchronizing documents and information real-time.
  • The SKYSITE app is available for iOS and Android devices.

There are two unique functionalities of SKYSITE that enable users to always work on the latest set of documents, unlike generic or consumer solutions.

One, generic/ consumer products lack the very fundamental feature that allows AEC project users to always work from “Latest Document/Current Set” unlike SKYSITE. Project users working with generic tools have to manually create the “‘latest document”, than copy from a source folder and pass it to user-created and managed “latest Documents.” This manual function is prone to errors.

Another unique SKYSITE feature is that it eliminates document duplication. SKYSITE algorithms identify and save documents by name and revision information. If a user uploads a (revised) document with same name and revision information, the systems won’t allow the user to publish this document. The system is built to guide a user to give a new revision information and/or sheet number for the document to upload and publish, thus avoiding duplication.

SKYSITE project users don’t have to worry about working from wrong revision(s) as they are always (by default) working from the most current document sets. SKYSITE enhances productivity, efficiency, and facilitates project delivery on time by empowering its users to always work from the latest set of documents.

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