SKYSITE’s Sample Project Lets Users Build Before They Buy

The scope and scale of construction projects make “risk” a dirty word.

There’s not a construction manager or general contractor in the world who would willingly put purchases, deadlines, or the quality of their construction at the mercy of an untried management technique, and the same is true for project document management software.

That’s why SKYSITE offers a sample project feature. With a sample project, construction professionals can easily test and try out the functions of the application under a variety of conditions and constraints.

  • What’s it like to manage thousands of files on SKYSITE?
  • How quickly can you find a construction plan, an RFI, a punch, a job-site photo, or submittal?
  • Have you ever tried to mark up a drawing with your finger on an iPad? If not, SKYSITE’s sample project is the perfect place to try your hand.
  • Even something as simple as a folder structure can have an impact on project schedules, team meetings, process reviews and more.

The sample project has documents and file structure pre-populated so new users can build before they buy, or simply experiment with how SKYSITE might improve workflow on their next job.

With SKYSITE, there’s no guessing, no gamble, no risk. Just open up the project and find out what’s available to make your job, your day, and your next project more successful.

If you’re considering project document management on the cloud for your next project, sign up for a free trial and build some time into your schedule to try SKYSITE’s new sample project.

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