Five Ways to Manage Construction Better with SKYSITE Punchlists

Are you managing your punchlists properly?

It’s a question you might ask yourself the next time a punch list item is marked complete, but isn’t, a deadline for completion is missed, or an owner’s rep walks into a room with an outlet missing a plate cover.

If the little things count — and let’s face it, they always do — checking the box on every punchlist item is a necessity.

We designed the punchlist in SKYSITE to make managing those last “to-do’s” easy, by keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page. Considering there’s always three to five people involved — the project managers who communicates the issues, the contractor who records them, the subcontractors who get them done, and the architect or owner’s rep who approve them, to name a few — the important thing is that they all know what needs to be done and when. That’s where cloud-based construction project document management software comes in.

SKYSITE offers a feature set that delivers five distinct benefits to everyone on the team involved in punchlist completion.

  1. Create specific punch items and associate them with individual drawings inside the project folder.
  2. Improve clarity and visual documentation by attaching photos, annotations and other jobsite references to punchlist items.
  3. Keep the status of each punchlist item front and center, even on the go, with mobile access
  4. Send immediate notifications to team members whenever a punch item is created and assigned to them.
  5. Streamline punchlist management by creating, delivering, viewing and getting quick response on priority items with robust communication tools.

No matter how thorough you are, or how well you capture items for a punchlist, if the issues on the list are not resolved or managed well, work and reputations can be wasted. SKYSITE Project’s robust punchlist administration features ensure a secure and systematic communication system is in place to keep projects phases moving toward a successful closeout. With SKYSITE Projects, managers can keep their teams on track, on budget, and on time.

If you’re considering project document management on the cloud for your next project, sign up for a free trial and get your team on the same page with SKYSITE’s punchlist tools.


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