RFIs, Punchlists and Document Management Made Easy with SKYSITE

Managing a project is challenging and just keeping track of all the documents, revisions and communications can keep even the best project managers awake at night. At SKYSITE, we have been helping AEC professionals manage their construction documents for years by giving them the tools they need to keep their teams on track ,get their projects done on time, and stay on budget. SKYSITE is the perfect partner to not only keep your project documents under control, but to get them working for you.

By keeping your RFIs, Punchlists and Submittals all in the same application, SKYSITE simplifies project communication for you and your team. SKYSITE helps project managers improve productivity by enabling team communications and ensuring that each team member has the information they need to complete their assigned tasks when they need it, wherever they are.

Project information is organized, structured and searchable so that project managers and owners can track the progress of the project. Full content search makes it easy to find the information you need, quickly.

Manage punches on the go

Stay Connected

With SKYSITE, RFIs and Punch items are logged, tracked and updated right in the software, eliminating the need for paper documents including the delays caused by scanning, emailing and transporting, all without any loss of data. This means efficient, fast communications securely transmitted in the cloud. All data and communication is encrypted to ensure your sensitive information remains private.

Punch items can be created right from the mobile viewer, allowing you to easily associate a punch item with a specific drawing and part of the building. Team members have immediate access, as soon as the item is created.

Photos and other jobsite references can be easily attached for clarity and visual documentation. Team members receive immediate email notifications when an issue is assigned to them.

Mitigates Risks

Lots of factors can slow or cause delays to a construction project, all of which translate to a financial loss. Unresolved issues can easily domino and substantially increase the project costs and delay delivery. SKYSITE gives team members the information required to quickly solve problems, identify bottlenecks and move the project to completion.

Getting started is simple. Sign up for a trial, download the app and start sharing your files, managing RFIs, and creating your Punchlists.

Is your team using SKYSITE yet? Get efficient, switch now to start making your documents work for you.

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