Quickly and Easily Find Critical Information with Powerful Search

Imagine having to look for critical information in a collection of thousands of documents on short notice? It’s not just tedious, but the delays and possible missed data can increase costs and cause real problems. Finding the doc you need, when you need it, is crucial when it comes to project document management. Unfortunately, most solutions fail to provide any kind of advanced search, offering only the most basic file and folder name search capabilities. According to many construction professionals the inability to quickly find information often turns into delays.

Having relevant information at your fingertip is vital whether you are on the move or working from the job site. If you have to search thousands of documents, it can slow down team members’ response time. With this in mind, SKYSITE’s cloud-based document management software was designed with advanced search at its core.

SKYSITE streamlines the search process and lets you find critical information instantly. It does this by searching not just filenames, but inside the files as well. This more detailed search minimizes the possibility of a vital detail getting missed, something that could turn into delays or costly mistakes later on.

Search and Access

SKYSITE’s advanced search feature lets you find information using filters, keywords, and metatags across global and specific file collections. The content search is made possible by a powerful OCR engine. This means you can search file names, file attributes and folder names, but also the text within the files.

Search in seconds: The advanced search is powered by the cloud and uses the latest technology to ensure that your search results are available instantly, even when searching through thousands of files.

Filter by Discipline: SKYSITE allows filter by discipline so you can limit your search results to just the files you need. This means an electrician can quickly filter to just the electrical drawings, rather than having to sort through unnecessary information.

Customized indexing options: SKYSITE lets you add your own custom tags to files, helping you to filter your search by the things that matter to you, not just discipline or document type.

SKYSITE’s powerful search capabilities, coupled with ease-of-use, give you an edge over the rest. It’s engineered to enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity by making your information work for you.

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