Stay Connected with SKYSITE’s Sync Application

Having trouble keeping everyone on the same page? Finding it difficult to get information to team members who are rarely in the office?

From an updated floorplan, to an RFI response, or a Punchlist item, ensuring your team always has the latest information at their fingertips can be a challenge. SKYSITE has been engineered from the start to tackle these problems head on, and provide instant, synchronized communication to all team members.

SKYSITE’s desktop sync application ensures that all your critical files are sync’d to each user’s device. You update a drawing, and instantly each of your team member’s computers are updated. Any team members operating from a mobile device are updated as well, quickly and simply.

SKYSITE is mobile construction management software that works by providing document management and sharing tools on a variety of devices, from iOS to Android, and Microsoft Windows. By supporting the tools people use, SKYSITE enables access where people need it, not just at their desks, if they even have a desk.

SKYSITE’s sync technology is smarter than just sync. Because we understand the construction process, SKYSITE sync allows users to work with and prep their files, always keeping them in sync with the cloud, but when those files get published, SKYSITE ensures they are delivered locked and unchangeable. This ensures that a subcontractor working in one trade doesn’t accidentally delete the files needed by someone else. Everyone sees what they need, sync’d as soon as they are available, and protected from accidental deletion. This is sync done smart.

Sounds interesting? To experience better collaboration and to stay sync’d with current information, sign up for a free trial.

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