Our latest release features Custom Indexing. Here’s how it helps you:

Being flexible is key in the construction industry. Each project is in a new location, the team is composed of new members, and you face unique challenges and requirements. You must be willing to try new things such as installing from 3D models, cutting-edge building techniques or progressive scheduling methods.

But not everything needs to change from project to project. Often times, one of the only constants between projects is the technology that you take with you. After all, learning a new construction technology is only one more thing to worry about.

To take a technology from one project to the next, it is critical that you pick a versatile solution. Implementing technology is supposed to make your life easier, so don’t choose a solution that will dictate your processes for you. An adaptable solution will leave you with the time to focus on the other more important project tasks.

One example of this is SKYSITE’s recently released custom indexing functionality. Upon uploading new drawings into SKYSITE, you can now easily select the location of the title block on your drawings. Just click on the document thumbnail, select whether you would like to crop by sheet number or sheet description, drag a rectangle around that area, and select “Apply”. It’s that quick and easy.

This allows SKYSITE’s advanced OCR (Optical character recognition) technology to more accurately extract critical drawing information such as sheet name, sheet description, and drawing discipline. You will even be able to select a different title block location for each drawing or select it once and apply it to the remainder of your set.

In addition, you can specify whether the text in the title block is running vertically or horizontally across the sheet. All of these enhancements provide your team with the flexibility to upload any kind of drawing into SKYSITE and still save time indexing your documents.

Let’s face it, all construction drawings are different, and each design team likes to add their own twist to the title block. Uploading, organizing and managing your plans is already a tedious process and automating the process through customizable OCR only improves your workflow. This will allow you to focus your attention on more critical processes with your documents, such as distributing them for constructability reviews or pushing out updates to your field team in real time, and worry less about indexing them.