Getting Started: SKYSITE Sample Project

Construction document management software like SKYSITE has significantly improved project delivery times, collaboration, and, of course, productivity. But the truth is that construction management software is useless if it’s difficult to learn. We understand that valuable time is lost learning new tools, so we’ve added a sample SKYSITE project to help make getting started quick and easy.

Learning by Example

While SKYSITE is easy to pick up, it certainly helps to see how other firms manage and handle documents and information. The sample project works for both for users in active construction and facilities management, helping you get familiar with how to manage, access, or revise data within SKYSITE. A sample project is now automatically created for new users and lets you try out all the features like powerful search, revision feature, punch list management, and auto-hyperlinking.

We hope this sample project helps you spend less time learning software and more time getting stuff done!

Already using SKYSITE? Check the sample project folder to get some tips and ideas for setting up your future projects. If you’re new to SKYSITE, sign up and get started for free.

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