Introducing Large File Uploads with Session Saves

Every project generates a massive number of files and information and uploading all those folders and files becomes nearly impossible. Previously, the threat of session timeouts during large uploads loomed over this part of the workflow. Annoying, we know. So we spent some time developing a solution that should make this large batch upload less cumbersome and disruptive. We’re proud to support SKYSITE’s large file uploads + session saves.

This powerful feature lets you upload or download huge files and folders— without any lag and will help improve your project & construction management. The most exciting improvement is that when an upload session times out or the internet connection is lost, the next session starts right from where it was interrupted. You’ll never have to worry about losing upload progress again. Here are other ways the session save feature benefits your workflow:

  • Maintains all your access permissions
  • Upload complete folders/subfolder & files from your desktop to the cloud
  • Maintains your original folder structure after upload
  • Advanced error checking protocol authenticates each file
  • Simultaneously upload multiple folders for separate projects

Try out the session save feature and let us know what you think!

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