iPad Lease to Own Program from ARC

For as low as $80.00 a month, you can equip your Supervisors, Project Managers, Site Managers, Document Managers, and Subcontractors with a powerful hardware and software combination that helps cut off as much as 2 weeks from all your future projects. Paper is slow. Our customers tell us the upload, organization, and ongoing distribution of paper construction documents and revisions adds on average 2 weeks to each project.

But there’s a better, faster way. Using SKYSITE, the most cost-effective construction app for General Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, Designers, Engineers and Architects, you start projects faster and finish close outs lightning fast. SKYSITE is like adding a virtual Project Manager to your team. SKYSITE guarantees that everyone is on the latest set and not building from outdated construction documents. Exclusive offer ARC now offers you the ability to avoid large up-front capital expenses, pass on the expense as a reimbursable project cost, and lease to own the latest iPads ARC will even help organize and upload your first project and even train your key managers on how to use SKYSITE. Your project delivery will speed up, you’ll experience less rework, and add hard dollars to your bottom line.

Download the PDF for more info: IPadLease

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