SKYSITE: Not Just an iPad App

Although SKYSITE can be used on free apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, SKYSITE offers up a construction document management solution that gives you a lot more than a mobile application.

There are three important differences that make SKYSITE construction management software a solution and not simply an app:

1. The Total Package

SKYSITE touts many features that could stand alone as their own applications, but instead brings them all together for you:

  • A project plan viewer
  • A mark up tool to let you easily make edits
  • An indexing tool specifically for construction documents
  • Automatic cloud syncing so your team always works from the current set
  • An activity log that lets you track revisions for bidding and collaboration
  • Cloud support means you can switch between tablet, phone, and desktop to pick up where you left off

2. Powered by Construction Industry Know-how

SKYSITE isn’t a startup. The cloud solution was built by ARC Document Solutions, the leading construction document management company in the world. For 100 years, ARC has worked with some of the biggest architecture and construction firms in the world. This means SKYSITE gets construction.

3. Local In-person Support

SKYSITE taps into ARC’s 170 worldwide locations. If you need any support or have any questions, it’s likely that an expert can come directly to you at no charge. Try to get to in-person support from any other construction app in the app store.

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