Enhance Project Communications with SKYSITE Photo Management

Construction teams have started relying on project photos to manage, measure and eliminate delays in project progress. Mobile applications for storing, organizing and filing digital images have also evolved. They enable construction and design firms to record project progress and increase accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation.

Photographs serve as a permanent record of your project’s progress, memorialize major construction milestones, and have the added benefit of acting as irrefutable evidence during disputes. Given the increasingly important role of project photos in managing construction, ARC Document Solutions introduced a Photo Management module in its most recent upgrade to SKYSITE.

SKYSITE Photo Management is designed for construction professionals allowing them to share, exchange and collaborate using photos on a single platform.

SKYSITE Photo Management offer tremendous benefits to project members.

1. Enhance efficiency

To increase efficiency construction photos must have a connection to a specific construction blueprints to provide relevance between drawings and photos. SKSYITE Photo Management enables users to:

  • Pin a photo to a drawing sheet.
  • View the photo associated with a specific location on the sheet.
  • Access photos on both a tablet or in a web browser.

2. Easy management & controls

SKYSITE photo management helps users effortlessly manage their photo library:

  • Delegate uploads of photos to other contributors and team members
  • Upload, manage and host all photos in a single application
  • Share, exchange and collaborate using photo content anytime, anywhere and from anyplace
  • Store and save photos on personal devices for quick and easy access
  • Search and filter your photos fast
  • Create galleries or use a flat folder structure
  • Link photos to drawings, RFI’s, and Punchlists
  • Import photos from other devices in seconds.

3. Supports a wide variety of file formats

The application can store and manage JPEGs, GIFs,TIFFs and BMPs

4. Increase productivity

SKYSITE Photo Management offers quick and easy photo collaboration. You can take photos in the field, add a date and time stamp, and share them instantly, or you can sync and save them to your central database for access and analysis at a later date.

5. Manage & search

Taking a photo is easy, but finding it can be difficult when all you have to work with is a title.

SKYSITE Photo Management adds key attributes for precise and arcuate photo search. Not only are photos are associated to specific projects, but users can tag images with key words associated with a specific building, level, area, room, and description. Photo metadata are also preserved, including the GPS coordinate of where the image was taken.

6. Access and accountability

SKYSITE offers a full range of permissions to control who can take, tag, upload, or view photos and other file types.

SKYSITE Photo Management is designed for Construction Professionals to connect seamlessly. It enables project users to collaborate and communicate from anywhere by using any device using Photos as the medium.

These comprehensive functionalities serve a purpose for every project member providing accountability, transparency, time and cost saving benefit for the entire project.

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