Improving Efficiency & Deliver Project On Time: SKYSITE Punch Lists

A construction project is constantly evolving and managing changes is always a herculean task. It’s even harder when several issues come up at the same time; it’s easy to miss details which can be problematic later. That’s why having an easy way to document them through completion and closure is so critical to a project’s success.

The SKYSITE Punch Lists application streamlines the process from identification to closure. It makes it easy for a project member to capture, distribute information, and track defects, issues and actions taken in real time. SKYSITE Punch Lists is a cloud based application designed for iOS and Android.

Take Your Punch Lists to The Job Site

With SKYSITE Punch Lists, users can report an issue directly from the construction site using a mobile device. Simply pull up the associated drawing and document the issue on the spot with photos, voice memos and comments that are attached to plan itself. As soon as an issue is reported, other project members can immediately pull up the plan, see the issues, and track their progress through completion. Issues are organized around trades and locations making it easy to find them later.

You can even use SKYSITE on your tablet when it’s offline – the application automatically syncs when an internet connection is restored.

Track Progress

SKYSITE Punch Lists application has built-in functionality to monitor due dates and can send overdue notices to keep team members on track and on task. The status of punch lists items can be viewed in several different ways, including “open,” “pending,” and “closed.” Punch Lists reports are also available to share with any team member. Users can create a new report template and schedule it to be sent automatically each weekday, eliminating the need to compile it manually each time.

All items are tracked and recorded in a permanent fashion – they cannot be deleted. SKYSITE Punch Lists provides a transparent and a complete audit trail.

SKYSITE Punch Lists Features

  • Create punch lists items directly from the field
  • Create an assigner and due date
  • Drop punch lists item directly to a drawing
  • Filter by status (open, closed or pending)
  • Maintain real time history of all actions
  • Export Punch Lists item report for distribution to any project participant
  • Keep a clear list of issues, assign responsibility to a specific person at a specific company, select a due date, and track an issue’s current status

The sooner Project Managers complete a Punch Out, the sooner they can confirm that a facility is ready for handover, saving money and improving efficiency every step of the way.

Start a free trial and discover how easy Punch Lists are with SKYSITE.

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