Deliver Projects on Time: SKYSITE’s RFI Enhances Collaboration & Time Management

If there’s one question that always gets project managers to roll their eyes and express their frustration, it’s this one: “Are you behind in your RFIs?”

“Requests for Information,” or RFIs, have a big impact on the construction process. They enable collaboration between the design team and contractors to mitigate the impact and associated risks to project schedules and budgets. But no matter how well an RFI is written, or how well it is documented, it can’t move the ball forward if it isn’t distributed to the right people at the right time, and responded to with the proper sense of urgency.

Since the turn-around time of an RFI is a key driver of both productivity and the ultimate quality of a project, improving RFI response was high on the list of priorities for the SKYSITE development team.

“We built SKYSITE to help manage construction documents and files of all kinds, including RFIs,” said Dilo Wijesuriya, ARC’s Chief Operating Officer. “RFI’s are among the most critical documents in the construction process and make up the bulk of communication between teams once construction has begun.”

In SKYSITE, construction teams can create, view, review, and respond in real-time to RFIs on the cloud via their mobile devices, or on their desktop. No one has to guess who has the RFI at the moment, who was the last person to respond, or where to send it after it’s been addressed. It’s all there inside SKYSITE.

  • With SKYSITE, teams are able to view and review RFIs through web and mobile-enabled devices and can add custom attributes for further sorting, filtering and searching.
  • Team members receive information as it is issued and can make fast decisions to mitigate risk to project delivery timelines and project budgets.
  • SKYSITE users get real-time RFI changes and status updates.
  • Specs, plans, and other documents can be linked to any RFI.
  • One click generates the RFI cover and compiles all attachments into a single PDF file.

Curious to see how SKYSITE manages RFIs and speeds up your construction projects?

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