Build Better: Prevent Rework in Construction

Rework doesn’t keep a set schedule; it can crop up in any phase of construction causing disruption, driving up costs by as much as 20%, and throwing off schedules.

Recent research shows that of all the causes for rework, 50% are due to changes in a project plan, 37% are due to errors, and 13% for others reasons.

More specifically, rework is caused by:

  • Miscommunication and lack of coordination
  • Change orders
  • Changes to construction methods
  • Late delivery of materials
  • Personnel-related reasons

So what’s the best way to work around rework?

If our list is any indication, you’ll need to communicate better, manage change more efficiently, stick with your construction methods, and keep your materials and labor on track. But of course this is easier said than done.

You need to get everyone looking at the same information at the same time. You need a way to ensure that everyone who needs to know what’s changing, knows what it is and how to address it. The outcome and ramifications of the construction method need to be projected accurately, and all that has to be tied into where and when labor and materials show up.

You know what? Almost all of that list can be addressed via well-managed access to project data and documents.

That’s where SKYSITE Projects comes in.

Prevent Rework in Construction

With SKYSITE, data and documents stay up-to-date, and the people who need them see it all at the same time. Nobody’s stuck with version control problems, nobody’s wondering where to find things, nobody’s stuck in the field having to run across the entire project site to get to the job trailer. It’s all there, on whatever computer or mobile device is closest.

A few taps, pinches and swipes, and everyone’s in the loop. The plans are easy to find and easy to use to project the best outcome. If problems are identified, change orders are issued and everyone gets the same information at the same time. Schedules are preserved and budgets are protected.

So the next time you’re trying to work around rework, work with SKYSITE Projects. Download your free trial today.

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