Your Submittals Process Simplified: SKYSITE Projects Update

We have some great news for you today. You can finally throw out that submittals stamp! Seriously.

We’re excited to announce that SKYSITE Projects now supports electronic submittals. Electronic submittals speed up the approval process and eliminate the need for analog stamps, cumbersome cover and transmittals pages, and the use of 3rd party software like Bluebeam and Adobe. This update significantly simplifies your submittals process in ways that we’re trying our hardest not to call game changers—but—there it is.

At the core of this update, are the following 4 key features that transform how you handle submittals:

  1. Consolidated Submittal-Transmittal Page: Submittals and transmittals all on one page, making submittals organization and management easier. Why hasn’t anyone done this before!? We’re not sure, but trust us it’ll make submittals less of a hassle.
  2. Approval at an Item Level: Submittals packages are good for one thing: slowing you down. Send items as they’re approved or ready for transmission. No need to wait until the package is ready.
  3. Custom Submittal Stamp Disclaimer: Say goodbye to your physical stamps! Customize and automate your submittals stamp disclaimers for an easier and faster submittals process.
  4. Custom Field Attributes: Reduce risk with more robust submittals tracking. Add any additional fields for filtering and reporting.

Current SKYSITE users can start leveraging this update right away! If you’re new to SKYSITE, try electronic submittals and other great features free. Register with us