Welcome To the Next Generation of Construction Communication

Enhance your communications capabilities using SKSYSITE’S- RFI, Photo Management and Punch Lists.

Without construction documents, building projects grind to a halt. Plans, specs, photos, RFIs, punch lists and similar documents are the primary means of communication in the industry. Managing these critical documents in paper form has always been complex, arduous and time-consuming effort.

AEC professionals who are managing documents digitally at present are compelled to use a variety of generic / consumer software solutions which come with host of other problems.

SKYSITE construction cloud has added powerful features taking construction document distribution, communication and collaboration notches higher by putting construction documents in a single, cloud-based application specially designed for architects, engineers and contractors.

SKYSITE enables seamless communication across different locations in real time. A project member can quickly and effortlessly in manner of seconds collaborate and share. SKYSITE with this release will facilitate users to avoid the cumbersome, complicated and unreliable methods of using multiple technology tools to accomplish the same tasks.

SKYSITE manages and distributes construction documents and information via the cloud and mobile devices. It was designed to create a smooth and seamless workflow for construction projects by making communication simple, easy and painless. New features include tools for managing additional document types and tasks.

Request for Information (RFI):

Speeding up responses to RFIs makes projects run smoother and close faster.

  • SKYSITE teams are able to view and review RFIs through web and mobile-enabled devices and can add custom attributes for further sorting, filtering and searching.
  • Team members receive information as it is issued and can make fast decisions to mitigate risk to project delivery timelines and project budgets.
  • SKYSITE users get real-time RFI changes and status updates.
  • Specs, plans and other documents can be linked to any RFI.
  • One click generates the RFI cover and compiles all attachment into a single PDF file.

Photo Management:

SKYSITE enhances the role digital photos play in managing and measuring progress on today’s project sites.

  • SKYSITE construction teams can take and tag photos and aggregate them in a single, common project directory accessible from any mobile device.
  • Photos can be managed, indexed and searched quickly and efficiently.
  • SKYSITE project users can collaborate and communicate on any mobile device using photos as the medium in the same workspace where drawings and specifications are kept.

Punch Lists:

SKYSITE puts punch lists capabilities where team members can work with them and prevents information silos and data redundancy that separate applications can generate during the QA/QC process.

  • SKYSITE users can track lists of project issues and tasks in a single common directory.
  • Issues are captured in real time, as punch lists are available from any SKYSITE-enabled mobile device.
  • SKYSITE teams can monitor punch lists due dates directly from the application, assign responsibility to appropriate team members and track an issue’s current status.
  • Photos and voice memos can be uploaded or linked when creating or responding to a punch-list.

SKYSITE with RFI, Photo Management and Punch Lists offers unprecedented value to contractors by further streamlining documents, collaboration and communication. Further giving boost to productivity and efficiency.


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