How Construction Management Apps on Android & iOS Help Your Overcome Jobsite Challenges

Mark and his team were having trouble managing large sets of documents and construction blueprints when working on an important construction project. They were so overwhelmed by the piles of project documents and information that taking a loss became a serious concern. This scenario is common in the construction industry.

Yet the construction industry has seen widespread adoption of construction management tools.

Such tools act as critical components in ensuring an efficient control system, each time a construction undertaking is initiated. As a constructional professional you know there’s a massive amount of planning at the very outset of a construction project and micromanaging is almost unavoidable if you want to ensure that the project is on time. You may not know how mobile construction and project management apps are evolving these processes. Here are some of the challenges these tools are helping to eliminate.

Unanticipated Project Setbacks

Obstacles come with the job, but managing construction projects digitally helps reduce the amount of time loss due to setbacks. Mobile construction management means you can send updates in real-time, wherever you are and react quicker to project issues. However, technology can be its own setback if find it’s problematic and difficult to operate, especially when it is designed to cut down the working time. You have work to do. You don’t have time for irony! Finding the easy-to-use app, in this case, is critical.

Cost Delays

Construction management software gives you the power of another project manager and then some. Mobile tech makes it is easy to estimate, shape and simultaneously avoid cost overruns. Plus, these apps are beneficial for decision-making, mending communication, document control and budget management. Many construction professionals go as far as saying cloud-based construction management software is the future for efficient project management.

Time Wasted on Document Control

Document control isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it used to be. Document control from your desktop or mobile device. Uploading, organizing, and accessing project documents have never been easier.

You will find it easy to upload files and documents of various formats, which are as large as 16 GB to 32 GB, unlike other construction management software. The levels of access along with viewings of emails, markups, annotations and pictures can be customized which will help in maintaining clarity without compromising with privacy.

The Stress of Making a Critical Mistake

Potential build errors keeping you up at night? Look we don’t blame you. A mistake at any phase could cause the company a huge loss or litigation troubles. But mobile construction software reduces the chance of error through real-time updates. Changes are tracked and depending on the solution you’re using your team is always working from the same set. All this means you can sit back and relax—at least a little anyway.

What about Mark

So what happened to our friend Mark? Mark suggested trying out SKYSITE due to its host of features like auto-hyperlink, auto-indexing, document zoom-in, and unlimited storage with seamless uploads. It quickly transformed the workflow for Mark and his team. The huge pile of documents shrank significantly as nearly everything was digitalized. But why did they choose SKYSITE as their construction management app?


According to many construction giants, SKYSITE stands out for a number of reasons. The project management app for iPhone, iPad and Android has an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that make adoption quick and painless.

SKYSITE provides the perfect environment for virtual teamwork, with clients, managers, subordinates, suppliers, sub-contractors, construction workers, etc. The apps built to handle a construction project from the design to bidding to the final building phase.

What Your Peers are Saying

Rowan Farrar of Farrar & Associates says, “SKYSITE keeps things very organized. It’s very user-friendly, and I think it adds to having paper documents…”

Benefits and Features

Fast and easy document sharing is no longer a dream. You can easily index information with the search tag format and share project-related information, document, or files via SKYSITE no matter where you or your project members are located. Your team members can upload and share documents and drawings of multiple types like 2D and 3D as SKYSITE supports up to 173 formats.

You can take site picture, access your drawing offline, real-time sharing, always work on latest drawing, create Punch items, RFI’s and many more features that resonate to construction Industry.

According to research, almost one-third of those in the construction industry find it difficult to navigate the documents or find a specific file. A project generates thousands of documents with details at every turn, the need for easy access is an understatement.

You can find whatever the drawing, doc, or RFI you’re looking for almost instantly with SKYSITE’s auto-hyperlinking. Auto-hyperlinking makes it simple for you to find the right connections between drawings and texts. Once a particular text is hyperlinked, finding a related text requires just a click,

whether they appear in a particular callout or not. Marked ups, comments, or drawings can be auto-hyperlinked and carried forward with versioning. This all leads to a significant boost in productivity and the prevention of delays that usually accompany the hassle of finding particular documents for particular information.

Maybe the best part about SKYSITE is how easy it is to learn. Team members will have to spend minimum time learning the app, so they can focus on the project at hand.

SKYSITE offers a one-month free trial for new users. To experience all the advanced features and benefits for yourself, try SKYSITE today.