Why is everyone switching to Construction Document Management Software?

Think constructing a building is a straight-forward task? Think again. Ask any construction professional. A lot goes into turning a design into reality. With all stakeholders, from owners, to subcontractors, to city planners, inspectors and others, keeping track of it all is a mammoth task. Project managers spend their days assigning tasks, monitoring workers, adjusting schedules, and constantly having to react to the ever-changing situation.

Adding to the complexity, is the massive number of documents that are generated and that change at every stage of construction. Finding the right information, at the right time, and making sure everyone is always working from the latest set is a challenging task.

Enter SKYSITE, a construction document management system, that was designed from the ground up to tackle this exact problem and streamline and manage the construction document process. For an AEC professional, SKYSITE simplifies document management, and ensures everyone is on the same page, all the time.

Real-Time Visibility

Working from the latest set is critical to avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring the project stays on schedule. SKYSITE connects all team members through a combination of real-time file sync, mobile connectivity and cloud access, as well as a construction specific document publishing process that ensures the trades get the files they need, but cannot change or delete files they shouldn’t. The mobile application allows team members to work on the jobsite, even without internet access, and then easily sync the next time they are connected.

Document Management Made Easy

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of documents are generated at every stage of a project lifecycle. Managing this mountain of information in a secure and organized way is vital to the success of a project.

Paper documents are bulky, costly and hard to keep current. To overcome these challenges, a digital construction document management system is required. But, just going digital is not enough. Generic, or non-industry specific solutions bring other challenges, sometimes just as costly and detrimental as paper. SKYSITE brings you the best in construction specific workflows to ensure you always operate at peak efficiency.

SKYSITE provides a secure, integrated platform to store and organize project documents. With its mobile applications, the hassle of printing and shipping physical documents to the jobsite is eliminated. Project team members can view the latest information on their mobile device, add RFIs, and markup documents. All that information is then instantly sync’d to the rest of the project team.

Streamlined Workflow, Reduced Costs, Shortened Delivery

Construction document management software streamlines workflow throughout the project lifecycle. Integrated communication tools with document management ensure smooth communication and shortened timelines to get problems solved and questions answered. This translates to fewer mistakes and faster delivery, and a team able to work at their full potential.

Are you ready to get started streamlining your project?

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