Introducing Large File Uploads with Session Saves

Every project generates a massive number of files and information and uploading all those folders and files becomes nearly impossible. Previously, the threat of session timeouts during large uploads loomed over this part of the workflow. Annoying, we know. So we spent some time developing a solution that should make this large batch upload less… Read More

Getting Started: SKYSITE Sample Project

Construction document management software like SKYSITE has significantly improved project delivery times, collaboration, and, of course, productivity. But the truth is that construction management software is useless if it’s difficult to learn. We understand that valuable time is lost learning new tools, so we’ve added a sample SKYSITE project to help make getting started quick… Read More

How to Automate Drawing Navigation and Indexing

It almost goes without saying that drawings are the lifeblood of a construction project. But as important as documents are to completing a project, drawings can seemingly hold back progress. The basic problem can be boiled down to manual document navigation and indexing. It’s in this part of the document workflow that delays are born,… Read More

Project Management Tech: A Contractor’s Most Valuable Tool

Christian Burger is president of Burger Consulting Group, a Chicago-based IT firm. He’s been in the construction industry for nearly 25 years, working for FMI (Fails Management Institute) and software developer JB Edwards and Company prior to founding his firm in 1997. Much of his work is concerned with IT strategy for clients. He publishes… Read More

From Design-Build to As-Built, The Cloud’s Got You Covered: 8 Questions with James Mercado

James Mercado, CCA, LEED AP, spent years in document control, accounting, and contract and operations management before becoming Product Manager for the construction app SKYSITE. Along with this experience, Mercado’s status as a CSI Certified Construction Contract Administrator, U.S. Green Building Council and American Institute of Architects member makes him perfect for discussing how the… Read More

How Construction Management Apps on Android & iOS Help Your Overcome Jobsite Challenges

Mark and his team were having trouble managing large sets of documents and construction blueprints when working on an important construction project. They were so overwhelmed by the piles of project documents and information that taking a loss became a serious concern. This scenario is common in the construction industry. Yet the construction industry has… Read More