Why skysite ?

  • skysite Means Construction Collaboration

    • Capture, distribute, and collaborate on construction documents in real time
    • The single document repository for your entire project team
    • Secure access anywhere from any computer or tablet device
    • Designed to address workflow for general contractors
    • Easy-to-learn means higher productivity
    • Supports major construction document file formats
  • skysite Is Your Single Source of Truth

    • A cloud-based repository for construction documents
    • Stay up-to-date on all drawings, specs, and documents in real time
    • Project team members collaborate from any location
    • 24/7 sync between the cloud and desktop or tablet ensures the team is always working from the current set
    • A single login for multiple projects
    • Easily manage historical information along with current data
  • Search, Share and Collaborate

    • Quick and easy search of project documents and information
    • One click to share projects, folders, files, bid packages, and more
    • Easily share markup of field notes
    • Multi-purpose document reporting tools give you complete control
    • Access your project data from any device, anywhere
  • Construction Document Management Goes Mobile

    • Compatible with iPad and Android platforms
    • Store files locally for offline access
    • Extensive markup capabilities
    • Easily manage tablet storage space through efficient sync options
    • Communicate and collaborate from any place at any time
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • skysite is Secure and IT-Friendly

    • Second layer of password protection for private projects
    • Real-time project activity tracker delivers complete user analytics
    • Supports multiple file formats
    • Maintain cross-project data integrity and security
  • Gain More Control

    • skysite is an easy-to-use, user-managed solution
    • Easy budgeting with a predictable and transparent fee structure
    • Supports reimbursable billing
    • Manage content yourself or outsource to one of ARC's 170+ local U.S. offices
    • Easily scale from project level to enterprise level
    • Version control and historical information management means complete control

skysite is an integrated cloud-based
construction document management
solution with automated
mobile and desktop sync

skysite Plans and Pricing

skysite is an integrated cloud based construction information and document management solution with automated mobile and desktop sync. Skysite makes sure your team always works on the most current set of documents.

Skysite Users Monthly Fee Storage
Up to 5 Users 30 Day Free Trial 1GB
Up to 10 Users $100 Unlimited
Up to 20 Users $200 Unlimited
Up to 30 Users $300 Unlimited
Up to 60 Users $600 Unlimited
Up to 120 Users $900 Unlimited
Unlimited Users Call 844.SKYSITE for a Quote Unlimited
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Questions? Call 844.SKYSITE (844.759.7483) or email info@skysite.com