Finding Relevant Information Just Got Easy with SKYSITE Auto Hyperlinking for Facilities Managers

Facilities managers and building superintendents often have to find information under pressure.

Broken water pipes, frozen valves, power outages, and emergency situations all demand a quick response — but without knowing which documents to look for and where can slow that response down to a crawl.

Change all that with SKYSITE Facilities auto-hyperlinking features, and discover the power of having a facilities management information system at your fingertips.

As documents are uploaded to SKYSITE, software searches each drawing and detects callouts and references to other documents. Once the corresponding document is found, SKYSITE creates a hyperlink to it. Once all your documents are in the application, your document set will behave just like a website — click on a link and SKYSITE will navigate to the relevant document.

No more searching through boxes, flipping through piles of paper, or wondering if the right document is in the right place to be found. Auto-hyperlinking features can even create links between different pages of the same document, or various pages of another document under the same project.

Don’t wait until your next emergency to find out if there’s a better way to manage your facilities documents. Get started today with a free trial.

Introducing the New SKYSITE Cloud!

We’re proud to announce that SKYSITE has expanded its functionality from construction drawing management to include facilities information management!

This means SKYSITE now includes two applications for the AEC&O (architects, engineers, contractors & owners) industry to manage construction and facilities documents across almost any device. The bigger, better SKYSITE gives you two ways to share, edit, and distribute depending on whether you’re in active construction or managing a facility.

SKYSITE by teams with specific needs such as design/build phases of a construction or facilities management. Better yet, the applications can be used together to manage documents and information through the entire lifecycle of a construction project or building.

SKYSITE For Contractors, Home Builders & Architects

The construction drawing management app lets you store, organize, auto hyperlink, and easily share ALL your project documents across your mobile device and desktop.

SKYSITE For Facilities Managers, Owners & Retention Managers

We’re excited to announce the brand new way for facilities managers to store, search, and share their information. The SKYSITE application provides users with a single location for all your digitized documents and information.

SKYSITE isn’t just a personal cloud storage app like Dropbox™—it’s a company-centric solution that provides users with highly detailed search capabilities. No more slogging through paper files and folders. SKYSITE lets you instantly find the info you need when you need it—from your desktop or tablet.

Make sure to read the full product overview to discover how SKYSITE can streamline your work as an owner, facilities manager, or retention manager.

Want to Learn More?

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