Hyperlink to Success: Hyperlink Your Project in SKYSITE™ to Increase Efficiency

Documents are the primary means of communication among AEC professionals. Yet, our research has found that one-third of the AEC professionals find it a challenge to access the latest set of navigate and search through the documents. A project generates hundreds thousands of documents; navigating to access precise information is a herculean challenge.

Effective project management begins with effective collaboration. And for successful project collaboration, it is important that all project members have the right set of documents.

Last month, we released SKYSITE™, our content management software, with enhanced features. One of the new amazing customer-friendly feature we have introduced is that SKYSITE™ is Hyperlinking-enabled.

SKYSITE™ seamlessly supports hyperlinks on tablets and desktops, maintaining the integrity of hyperlinks from user to user, and from platform to platform. Pre-existing hyperlinks created in other markup software remain functional in the SKYSITE cloud, and across various devices allowing customers to use different software tools interchangeably.

A project member using SKYSITE™ hyperlinking capabilities will now be able to navigate through thousands of digital document sets, quickly and easily in a manner of minutes.

SKYSITE™ Hyperlinking will make it easier for a user to find connections between plans improving collaboration with web-based markup.

SKYSITE™ Hyperlinking offers tremendous advantages;

* Save time, increase productivity. Click and you’re there!

* Maintain one master set and publish one to the team

* Hyperlinks carries forward; always up-to-date with versioning

* Maintain a master set in the Cloud- access your hyperlinked project document from anywhere using any device.

* Sync markups from Tablet/iPad to Tablet/iPad

Using SKYSITE Hyperlinking, a project user will get required information with few clicks. Do more, get more done and do it faster by hyperlinking a project on SKYSITE. SKYSITE Hyperlinking streamlines processes and increases efficiency.

Want to hyperlink your project? Reach out to us: